Superb precision and dynamics

The combination of Vogel MPR and MPG planetary gearbox and Lenze servo motor is the optimum solution for dynamic or highly dynamic applications which require maximum precision. These include the tasks that apply on a daily basis to the printing and packaging industry, handling and robot technology, filling and materials handling technology and general mechanical engineering.

The MPR and MPG planetary gearboxes are characterised by an above-average torsional stiffness, combined with a backlash down to one angular minute. Their combination with MCS synchronous servo motors and MCA asynchronous servo motors creates flexible and particularly energy-efficient solutions which cover virtually every application.


  • Robust planetary gearbox with solid shaft (MPR) or with flanged shaft (MPG)
  • A high level of precision for the application thanks to a low backlash (min. <=1 angular minute)
  • Efficient drive solution with a high degree of efficiency (>= 95 to >= 97%)
  • Any mounting position, which can also be subsequently changed
  • IP65 protection (dust-tight, protection against water jets at any angle)

Can be combined with the following motors:

  • With synchronous servo motors and asynchronous servo motors in the power range from 0.25 to 20.3 kW

Documentation: Project planing



  • Catalogue MPR MPG geared servo motors

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