The digital twin in practice

Lenze's roundtable with industry experts shows that exchange of information across manufacturers is already feasible

Industry 4.0 thrives on the closer linking of the available data, not only during ongoing production, but already in the development of machines. The promising concept on which this lifelong data flow can be based is the digital twin. It forms the basis for applications within the framework of Industry 4.0.

The digital twin describes an asset (device, module, machine, line) in all its dimensions (properties, models, documents, software, ...) depending on its life cycle and offers a (standardized) access to this information. It is the access point for machines and also contains all underlying components.

A look into practice shall show: What added value can the digital twin offer me and what technologies and standards are available? How close are we already to the vision of Industry 4.0 and which application scenarios will be implemented first?

The Roundtable at SPS Connect, on 25 November at 1 p.m., will bring together the perspectives of research and industry.

Experts in the discussion are:

Dr. Markus Schoisswohl, CEO, HEGLA New Technology GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Michael Hoffmeister, Executive Expert Digital Business, Festo SE & Co. KG

Andreas Orzelski, Master Specialist Standardization, PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG

Burkhard Balz, Senior Vice President Automation Systems, Lenze SE

Markus Kiele-Dunsche, Global Expert Engineering and Automation/Innovation, Lenze SE

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