Lenze live webcast on energy efficiency and the Ecodesign Directive

If you're going to make the switch, make it right.

As the new Ecodesign Directive comes into force throughout Europe in the summer of 2021, the energy efficiency of standard asynchronous motors, in particular those designed for continuous operation, will have to continue to improve. In the course of this, the machine manufacturer will have the opportunity to achieve much more than just meeting the legal requirements. If done correctly, they can optimize their machine with drives that are precisely matched to the respective task, thus reducing energy consumption in the drive system by up to 50% and also massively reducing the number of variants through standardization. Lenze is offering a free live webcast on this topic to all interested parties on Wednesday 3 June 2020 at 13:30 a.m.

The Lenze experts will address very general questions such as how the worldwide climate agreements influence legislation, which international framework conditions apply and what this means for the export of machines. They will also provide an insight into how machine manufacturers can ensure their own competitiveness.

Compliance with the Ecodesign Directive should be as easy as possible and at the same time generate sustainable improvements in efficiency and functionality; the webcast is a good first step towards that direction.

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