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Modular software toolbox Lenze FAST

Efficient software engineering

Our Application Software Toolbox Lenze FAST makes it easy for you to increase the efficiency of your software engineering. In this way, you meet the requirements in mechanical engineering for greater flexibility, increased customisation and more productivity and save your valuable development resources.

  • Ready-made and tested technology modules make it easier to implement machine functionalities and help you with software modularization and standardization
  • The FAST technology contains our knowledge from the implementation of thousands of applications, from which you can easily benefit
  • Technology modules can easily be reused and implemented directly or form the basis for the development of custom modules, thus allowing a machine to be programmed efficiently

Lenze Automation Platform

The right system solution for any machine

Individualization, digitalization and resource gaps characterize the market environment in the mechanical engineering sector. Future-proof system solutions for your machine or plant can assist you to master these challenges and secure your competitive advantages in the long term.

  • Scalability supports modular machine concepts and represents a sound investment.
  • Connectivity makes machine integration easy
  • Reusable software modules reduce the time and effort spent on development
  • Openness creates flexibility and greater leeway for decision-making
  • Integrated safety functions provide protection from accidents and interrupted production
  • IT meets OT: the new generation of controllers meets the increasing requirements of Industry 4.0

Condition Monitoring

Delivers real-time condition monitoring

Collecting and interpreting the available data is already a sound way of monitoring the condition of machines. This requires a deeper understanding of the machines and processes so as to generate meaningful information from the "bare" data. Analyses based on Machine Learning (ML) and AI can help identify anomalies faster.

  • Model-based or data-based? There are two options for optimal results
  • Here the data is evaluated
  • Without additional sensor technology! When the drive becomes a sensor, you can obtain extensive information about the "state of health" of machines and plants without the need for any additional, costly sensor technology

Asset Administration Shell

Heading towards Industry 4.0

The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is not just a theoretical concept, but a genuine support in industrial automation.

  • The AAS collects the relevant data for each asset, e.g. descriptions of the mechanical-electrical properties, documentation and certificates, software, behavioral description
  • This information pool serves as a basis for applications within the framework of Industry 4.0 and must follow standards
  • There is no Industry 4.0 without AAS! The consistent use of data is made possible by using Lenze EASY System Designer

Plug & Produce

Modularisation and connectivity in software and hardware creates flexible solutions for tomorrow’s production lines

The Smart Factory is getting closer. Industry 4.0, digitalization, IIoT have been on everyone's lips for years – the only thing missing so far is the implementation of concrete and integrated solutions that really enable more flexible and productive manufacturing. But the pressure is increasing: More individualization, smaller batch sizes, more frequent configuration changes, the production line should be as cost efficient as possible. Plug & Produce from Lenze provides concrete solutions

  • Reduction in costs and time spent on integration
  • Greater flexibility and versatility in the production systems
  • New approach for the modularisation of lines and systems

Asset Management

Creating a detailed digital record of devices and components and managing them digitally – the basis for the sustainably secure operation of machines and system

The avoidance of unplanned machine downtimes and production losses is a critical point in order to counteract ever increasing cost pressure. Data on the installed equipment base can contribute to overall cost reduction.

  • Fast and easy access to information relevant for service
  • Fewer processing errors thanks to a standardised database
  • Faster identification and elimination of faults
  • Faster replacement of defective devices
  • Secure backup of the machine configuration and firmware
  • Stocking of spare parts according to specific needs
  • Increased OEE and reduced process costs in service

Digital Engineering

Efficient end-to-end processes – from the initial idea to the commissioning and operation of the machine

In the age of Industry 4.0, machine builders and producers are facing great challenges. Digital transformation depends on the closer linkage of available data – not only during ongoing production, but already during the development of machines and systems. Digital Engineering von Lenze provides options and tools available for this that can be advantageously integrated into existing processes.

  • Save time and money with digital services and digital twins
  • Efficient creation of an automation solution based on the machine function modules
  • Fast cost transparency by transferring the selected products to the EASY Product Finder
  • Faster creation of the PLC program through a PLC designer project prepared from the planning data

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