We at Lenze know: mechanical and plant engineering has its own challenges regarding digitalization. Customers are demanding increasingly flexible machines and at the same time more productivity.

Do you want to be able to rely on the machines and react promptly to avoid possible machine failures and resulting production downtimes? This is exactly where X4 Remote comes in. With this cloud solution for remote access and condition monitoring, you can access the data and condition of your machines anywhere and from any Internet-enabled device.


  • Remote access via VPN – perform maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting as if you were on site.
  • Clientless access – access your machines from any Internet-enabled device using a web portal optimized for mobile devices.
  • Cloud Logging – Your machines' data is reliably stored in the cloud by X4 Remote, even when the Internet connection is interrupted.
  • Cloud Notify – X4 Remote notifies you, and you decide when! Adjustable thresholds allow you to specify exactly when a notification should be sent to you.
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