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Air cargo logistics: fast and reliable processes are key

When the new cargo terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport went into operation in 2018, Finland's largest airline Finnair was able to further expand its leading role as an air cargo transporter in the Nordic region. Finnair has set a decisive course for this with the expansion of its fleet. The investments on the ground and in the air create the basis for boosting passenger and cargo business to European and intercontinental destinations in particular. The complete material flow comes from Lödige Systems GmbH in Warburg, and the drive technology from Lenze.

Decisive factors for the success of an intralogistic air freight system include the speed and reliability of the processes. Lödige has been implementing air freight systems of all sizes worldwide since 1975. The range of services extends from consulting and system planning to commissioning and future maintenance of the air freight system.

Efficiency thanks to smart drive solutions

The heart of the system is the storage and transport system for air freight containers and pallets. Several Elevating Transfer Vehicles (ETV) for payloads of up to around 7 tons and stacker cranes (RBG) for payloads of up to 1.5 tons are in operation in the system. While Lenze geared motors in conjunction with the 9400 Servo Drives are primarily used for the lifting and travel drives, Lödige Systems uses the Lenze Smart Motor and the 8400 motec decentralized frequency inverter for the upstream conveyor technology.

For horizontal conveyor technology, Lödige Systems relies primarily on the Lenze Smart Motor - a combination of intelligent, variable-speed motor with high-efficiency gearbox. The benefit of this drive solution is to have the advantages of quick commissioning of a mains motor, while also being able to work with variable fixed speeds. Thanks to this flexibility, the speed of the Lenze Smart Motor as a drive for the roller conveyors can be easily set during commissioning and adjusted in the compound.

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Cooperative engineering

To ensure that the tightly scheduled project in Finland went smoothly, Lenze's engineering division was involved from the very beginning. "For us, it is of great importance to have a partner in the field of drive technology who can cover all interfaces and the entire value chain from concept, design, detailed planning, delivery, pre-commissioning, on-site implementation to service and repair, and who also actively lives this concept model," Hoffmann emphasizes. In his experience, this close cooperation creates the basis for identifying and avoiding design errors at an early stage through mutual comparison.

Jointly developed: Lödige Systems and Lenze for Finnair

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