i900: the new servo inverter series from Lenze

Flexibel - FAST - Future-proof: The new Servo-Inverter series i900 from Lenze

The new i950 servo drive that we have added to our automation system fits smoothly into our automation platform with which it is completely compatible.

The same architecture, the same engineering and use of the same application software dissolve the boundaries between drive-based and controller-based automation.The "FAST" application software toolbox becomes usable for all products.

With FAST, we make a lot of things easier for the customer as the FAST applications of the i950 can be put to use immediately and can be adapted to the respective machine task by means of parameterisation alone. If necessary, however, they can be adapted and extended very easily according to specific customer requirements.

In addition, the i950 enhances the performance of the i700 in our controller-based system in the range of 22 to 75 kW.


Your advantages at a glance

One platform, flexibly scalable

The i950 is the completing element of a coherent Lenze automation platform for modular machine solutions, flexibly scalable from the smallest machine module with only one motion axis to complex multi-axis systems.

FAST applications, usable immediately

The i950 comes with FAST "Inside" technology applications, which can be selected very easily by means of the EASY Starter and used immediately.

Future-proof and ready for Industry 4.0

Due to open standards such as PLCopen, IEC61131-3, and CIA402, we make it possible for the OEM to repeatedly re-use already completed engineering work for different applications, today and in the future

Compact design

All versions of the i950 have a very compact design and, up to 15 kW, can be integrated into 250 mm-deep control cabinets.

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