Innovation in the packaging industry

120 trays per minute - it works with Lenze

By 2025, packaging materials must be completely recyclable. Developments in this area are therefore of great importance. Dampack had the concept for a so-called BeeMagicTray, Klebo Technics developed the machine.

Packaging supplier Dampack from Werkendam developed and patented a plastic tray for use in supermarket shelves. The bottom of the tray has a special honeycomb structure that ensures less moisture loss from the food and a better shelf life. An important aspect is that the tray is made of only one material - and thus already meets the regulations for 2025. The machines that produce these trays are built by Klebo Technics from Holten, a machine builder with a lot of expertise in thermal and ultrasonic welding processes. Lenze is making an important contribution to this solution by optimizing the output, OEE, flexibility and safety of the machine.

The declared goal: higher output

The output of the first machine was around 80 to 90 pieces per minute. And the goal? 120 trays per minute. And if possible, with a system that can be supported worldwide, but where Klebo would not be dependent on a system integrator. Johan Klein Leetink (Managing Director at Klebo) and Rob Spekreijse (Director at Klebo Sales) talk about the cooperation between Klebo and Lenze. Klein Leetink: "We wanted to remain the owner of the solution. Our programmer pointed out that it would be best to make the control of the machine modular. That gives more design freedom and makes it easy for us to deliver customized. We encounter very different customer requirements and wanted to be able to react to them quickly. When we discussed this with Lenze, it quickly became clear that we would not only be able to incorporate our wishes there, but also work with the same philosophy. The entire concept of the machine was put under the microscope. All process steps were analyzed, from the input of the material to the output of the finished product. Thanks to Lenze's drive design software, we identified a lot of potential. Every aspect of the plant was completely recalculated."

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Control at the detailed level

The modular design of the drive technology and process control makes it possible to control the machine at the detail level. That in itself is very important, but Spekreijse explains that the real value goes beyond that. "We will soon have a lot of detailed information available for service. So we can monitor the condition of the different components very well."

In the process itself, the modular design and the division of the process steps have also delivered added value. "The positioning of the geomembrane was not properly controlled before. Lenze's servo technology has made all the difference here. We use several servo motors and with a little trick - this will not be revealed - we can increase the speed of the positioning enormously. An idea of ours with elaboration from Lenze."

Future-proof positioning

"The added value of working with Lenze for us is on several levels. Lenze has a good after-sales service, production in all parts of the world, many standardized, easy-to-program controllers and offers the possibility of reading out relevant machine data. This helps us to further increase OEE. Among other things, through predictive maintenance, and data from the various functional parts of the machine. We can immediately see where deviations occur, and in combination with the information about the drive systems, we have our finger on the pulse. This also allows us to see where there is still potential for improvement, for example when changing over from one product to another.”

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