Lenze. Environment and Energy efficiency.

Sustainability: we are fully aware of our responsibility for the future.

Green, even in black on white: climate protection with environmental certification.

In the same way, in which we efficiently move the machines of our customers, we also ensure in our own backyard that our products are manufactured with consideration of the environment protection. Sustainability and efficiency are a matter of course and an integral component of our corporate philosophy. Beginning with our internal measures and our product portfolio we achieve efficient effects to crucially reduce environmentally relevant emissions. In turn, our environmental management system has received the ISO 14001 certification.

Improved energy usage goes hand in hand with a reduction in environmental pollution. We will show you how intelligent drive and automation technology can make more efficient use of energy, and we undertake to act sustainably and responsibly for future generations.

Ecologically useful, ecologically valuable. Lenze BlueGreen Solutions.

Almost half of the electrical energy that is produced today is consumed by industrial applications. Responsible for a large portion of the total amount of consumed energy are electrical drive systems. And exactly for this reason, the highest potential for an increase in energy efficiency can be found here. With sustainable effects: a better utilisation includes at the same time less pollution of the environment, a relief for the resources and a reduction of energy costs - with a steady and consistent productivity.

Saving energy is one of the greatest challenges we face today and which we happily face. We show you how more efficient use can be made of energy with intelligent drive and automation technology - with our Lenze BlueGreen Solutions.

Electric energy used intelligently
As little as necessary - as efficient as possible.