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Visit Lenze at
Label Expo Brussels

From 24 – 27 September at Stand C66, Hall 3

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Visit Lenze at
Label Expo Brussels

From 24 – 27 September at Stand C66, Hall 3

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Visit Lenze at
Label Expo Brussels

From 24 – 27 September at Stand C66, Hall 3

Visit Lenze at
Label Expo Brussels

From September 24-27, at Stand C66, Hall 3

Experience how we can work together to make automation as easy, efficient and intuitive as possible.

As a professional in the converting industry, you are in control of your process - and we have been supplying the best drive and automation technology for more than 70 years. This allows you to meet increasingly complex requirements, such as shortened time-to-market, maximum flexibility and batch size 1 with ease.

By visiting the trade fair, you will be laying the foundation for efficient machines for smart factories with Lenze automation solutions. Or as we say, "Converting goes blue".

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Visit the Lenze Business Talks

Interesting presentations by personalities from the industry, followed by an exchange of information.

Remote service in the cloud made easy

Business Talk on Tuesday, 24. September & Wednesday 25. September, 4:00 p.m.
Speaker: Klaas Nebuhr, Vice President and Co-Founder at encoway

Your customers are demanding ever more flexible machines with higher productivity at the same time. They want to be able to rely on the machines and be able to react at an early stage in order to prevent possible machine failures and thus production losses.

This is exactly where X4 Remote, our solution for remote access and condition monitoring, comes in.

With X4 Remote...

  • make your company fit for the future
  • offer remote maintenance
  • Monitor your machines in real time
  • create high-quality data reports
  • analyze the data of your machines

Machine diagnoses are now possible from any location – reducing machine downtime and boosting productivity.

Klaas Nebuhr is your expert in regards to: How to drive your digital business

Our digital portfolio and our solutions support the entire product lifecycle, from engineering and product development to variant management, variant sales and marketing, production, operation and service.

Plug & Produce

Future-oriented production

Business Talk on Thursday, 26. September, 4:00 p.m.
Speaker: Konrad Cop, Systems Engineer at Lenze

Modularisation and connectivity in software and hardware creates flexible solutions for tomorrow’s production lines

  • Reduction in costs and time spent on integration
  • Greater flexibility and versatility in the production systems
  • New approach for the modularisation of lines and systems

Konrad Cop is your experts on this subject at our stand

He can explain, for example, how our comprehensive domain knowledge of applications, software and hardware comes together in this solution.

Flexibility goes blue

Lenze Automation Platform

Thanks to our comprehensive automation platform – from the control to the field level, to the electromechanical system – you can enjoy maximum flexibility for all applications. Starting with small machine modules and stretching all the way to complex systems.

Digitalisation goes blue

Digital Engineering

Make complex interrelationships in the engineering process easier to manage for programmers and designers, e.g. with a digital twin.

Visit our stand to learn exactly what the digital development process can look like. Starting with virtual machine design and using the Lenze FAST software framework, a digital twin of the machine is created so the machine functions can be tested in the virtual world.

Continuously safe and reliable operation 24/7

Digital Services

Increase the productivity and reliability of machines and systems with our intelligent service concepts.

Our service modules, intelligent digital services and complete asset management in the cloud ensure productivity and the best possible system availability.

Networking goes blue


We know your challenges in this dynamic market and master them with our automation portfolio, over 70 years of experience and by doing everything we can to make engineering as simple as possible. This is proved by our satisfied customers, with whom we maintain a cooperative partnership.

We are looking forward to your visit at Stand C66, Hall 3.

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Experience the latest innovations and enjoy good barista coffee at Label Expo.

Your Lenze team.

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