Lenze is a prize-winner in the "Corporate Responsibility" ranking of the news channel "WELT”

The responsibility of German companies towards the environment, society, employees and customers (corporate responsibility) was the central focus of a study by the news channel WELT. In cooperation with the Cologne-based analysis institute ServiceValue, it surveyed more than 180,000 managers online. Lenze scored well with a value of 2.59 and was certified as having a high level of corporate responsibility.

This is a nice confirmation of the automation specialist's self-image and way of working. For more than 70 years, Lenze has taken responsibility for its actions, for the success of its business partners, and for its products and solutions. Likewise, its employees and their families, the environment and society are an essential part of its corporate responsibility. At Lenze, long-term thinking and sustainable action are the key words. Pioneering spirit, commitment and courage are among the constants in the company.

Managers who said they were at least group/team leaders took part in the survey. They evaluated 2,098 companies from 155 industries. Their selection was based on information from purchasable company databases (e.g. turnover). Only those companies that received at least 75 ratings were considered in the evaluation. A maximum of 200 executive ratings applied to all companies.

The rating scale ranged from (1) "fully agree" to (5) "disagree". The statement "I cannot assess" was accordingly not relevant to the assessment. The empirical mean value was determined for each company. If this was lower (= better) than the mean value in the respective sector, the company management was said to have a "high level of entrepreneurial responsibility". If the individual value was also lower than the mean value of the "above-average" group, this was considered "very high corporate responsibility".

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