Full version of the L-force Loader V4.6

The L-force Loader provides a software for transferring PLC programs, parameter sets and application data from your PC to Lenze target systems.

Informationen about function extensions and eliminated function restrictions can be taken from the difference description.

• Microsoft® Windows® XP (as of Service Pack 2) and Windows® 7 (32 Bit)
• Microsoft® Internet Explorer as of Version 6.0
• IBM®-compatibler PC with Intel® Pentium® -Prozessor with min. 750 MHz
• 512 MB RAM
• 200 MB free hard disk capacity
• Pointer device (mouse, track ball, etc.)
• Free slots/interfaces according to the requirements of the fieldbus interface module to be used

Software installation
How to install the L-force Loader:

1. Unpack the ZIP file L-forceLoader_V46.ZIP on your PC. The ZIP file contains both the installation files and the corresponding software manuals.
2. Before installing the L-force Loader, remove the USB system bus adapter EMF2177IB and the USB diagnostic adapter E94AZCUS from the USB interface of your PC.
3. Start the installation program Setup_L-force_Loader.exe and follow the installation instructions.

L-forceLoader_V46.ZIP (83,5MB): Full version of L-force Loader V4.6

If the download does not start, please follow the notes in the online help.

Further information