i550 protec comes with IP66 and IO-Link


New Lenze inverter: The successful i500 frequency inverter range now also has a decentralised variant. Well-protected with IP66 and well-connected with IO-Link, the i550 protec sets out to conquer the wide range of decentralised drive tasks. Lenze will start by marketing this new series with a power range of up to 2.2 kW and has planned the phased expansion up to 75 kW.

First decentralised frequency inverter with IO-Link

IO-Link in a decentralised frequency inverter – this has not yet happened in the harsh environment outside the control cabinet. Lenze is making all the advantages of this communication system available for decentralised applications. IO-Link makes it easy to integrate the sensors and actuators distributed in an application into the master control level in order to exchange process, asset or parameterisation data. To do so, there is no need for expensive special cables or to address the nodes manually. If an IO-Link master is already in use in a network, the new i550 protec can be connected at a low cost – regardless of the higher-level control system. The devices are parameterised automatically during standard set-up or as part of an in-service device replacement. Lenze is the first drive manufacturer to master the standard v1.1, which is necessary for this automatic data exchange. It is also easy to flexibly connect the new decentralised communication standard ASi-5 to the Lenze i550 IO-Link interface. Furthermore, all other common fieldbus interfaces are optionally available.

The expert for tight spaces and harsh environmental conditions

Even outside the control cabinet, the available space in machines and systems is quite limited. With the i550 protec, Lenze is therefore launching an exceptionally compact device in comparison to the market. For example, the Lenze i550 protec with 0.75 kW and 3.1 dm³ is at least half the size or even smaller than typical solutions on the market. The design of the devices with IP66 or NEMA 4X Outdoor & Indoor degree of protection ensures maximum protection against adverse environmental conditions such as high temperatures, dust, dirt or water jets during cleaning operations. In summary, the newcomer to the i500 frequency inverter range opens up new possibilities for mechanical engineering to control drives outside of the control cabinet – without renouncing the familiar look-and-feel in usability, flexibility, function and scalability of the range. 

The i550 protec is particularly suitable for large-scale machines, distributed applications in material flow or apparatus engineering, or wherever control cabinet space is expensive. As a result, you can achieve significant installation cost savings; for instance, there is no need for expensive shielded motor cables and several inverters are connected to a secured power bus to optimise costs. Typical examples include conveyor belts, fans, pumps, main drives or even lifting units.