#TogetherWeMasterThisChallenge: Part 2

Joint strength - in special times, special challenges have to be faced. And today's challenges require above all cohesion and solidarity.

Learning from each other in the crisis - Lenze China as a pioneer in the fight against the pandemic

Acting quickly and efficiently and protecting the health of the employees have been the top priority for Sean Xie, Senior Vice President East Asia, and his team ever since the beginning of the pandemic in China. Digital communication tools have been very helpful to the Lenze teams in China to remain in close contact with all parties involved, even during the lockdown. Working remotely during the weeks of the lockdown in almost all of China, and thus also at our factory near Shanghai, did not stop him and his team from proactively driving the business forward and making every effort to ensure customer satisfaction. Now that China has returned to normality, he and his team continue to tour the plant on a daily basis to talk to the employees personally and ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. It is particularly valuable to learn from the experience of Sean and his team in managing the crisis for all of Lenze. The close exchange between the central crisis management team at headquarters and the local crisis management team on site in China has been essential and has also helped to strengthen mutual understanding of the cultural differences within the global Lenze Group.

The Supply Chain Task Force - playing chess on the world trade stage

On the world stage of international trade, not only has the battle for medical products and food broken out, but behind the scenes the struggle for the supply of materials of all kinds is raging. In fact, the pandemic has seriously disrupted logistics and supply chains worldwide. This also affects Lenze. One of the tasks of Lenze’s Supply Chain Task Force, which continues to meet daily even months after the start of the pandemic, is to compensate for possible bottlenecks and delivery difficulties. Christian Satzek, Executive Vice President Global Procurement & Supply Chain, has been managing this procurement battle daily since February together with his team. His cross-functional team consists of colleagues from Global Purchasing, the worldwide Supply Chain managers and the team from Logistics. Their daily business is like a game of chess under immense time pressure. On the one hand, foresight is required for the most varied scenarios, and on the other hand they must react quickly and spontaneously to the unforeseeable. Their strength: they know Lenze's suppliers and their suppliers. Our supply is therefore secure.

Our everyday heroes in production

France had some of the strictest curfews in Europe. As a result, the Lenze plant in Ruitz had to close temporarily. At the beginning of April, the plant was gradually re-opened. A number of guidelines and measures had and still have to be taken into account. This is not easy for the employees on site who keep the production running.But just like David Maseele, a mechanic in the gearbox area, here armed with a visor and face mask at his workplace, all employees know that their work helps to keep the system-relevant industry running. But like David Maseele, a mechanic in the gearbox area (here armed with a visor and face mask at his workplace), all employees know that their work helps to keep the system-relevant industry running. This is precisely where Lenze's products and solutions are often to be found.This is why all employees in production are heroes of everyday life. But they are not only heroes in their professional lives, but often also in their private lives. David Maseele, for example, uses his 3D printer to produce visors for nursing staff and the fire brigade in his spare time. Lenze helps him to find and buy materials so that he does not have to bear the costs alone.

Sales in times of Corona: Now more than ever!

Michael Huijgen, Account Manager Drives & Automation in the Dutch Systems Sales Team, has been working for Lenze for two years. He is used to adapting to ever new situations, being flexible and above all going through life in a positive way. One of his children has a severe physical disability. He is therefore very proud of how his family manages to combine work, education and private life. His ability to adapt quickly to new situations now benefits him: Together with the sales team, he is always looking for new ways to provide customers with the best possible support and advice during the pandemic. He sees the limitations rather as an opportunity to get in touch with customers in a different, but no less efficient way. Being a pioneer in digitalization helps to make the step to digital customer care quick and smooth at this point.

No mobile working without bhn

As a member of the CoVid-19 Task Force, Martin Groehlich, Head of IT Demand Management & Service Excellence at bhn, the internal IT service provider at Lenze, is currently dealing with the technical requirements that the Corona pandemic will place on the company's IT infrastructure. Together with his team, he has multiplied the number of possible remote workstations in a very short time, thus enabling smooth work in the home office. Now he and his team are monitoring remote access to ensure that Lenze employees can continue to work outside the office in the future at all times.