How to use the new search

Unleash the power of the new search which now includes the Application Knowledge Base (AKB) and the Technical Documentation (TD).

Enter search phrase

Enter your search phrase here and press <enter> or click ">" button on the right.

Notation examples:

  • OR operator (default):   inverter drives 8400
  • AND(+) operator:   +inverter +drives +8400
  • NOT(-) operator:   inverter drives -8400
  • "Exact phrase":   "Inverter Drives 8400"
  • Wildcard *:   Inverter Drives 84*
    * without text is not supported – use lenze instead •

Note: Editing the search phrase resets the filters on the left (same effect like "reset filters").

Select content area to search in

Use dropdown menu of the search field to preselect the content area to be searched or use tabs afterwards.

Use tabs to filter search results by content area:

  • All: Products, news, events, trainings, jobs, flyers & catalogues
  • Application Knowledge Base: AKB articles & downloads
  • Technical Documentation: Manuals, certificates, etc.

Note: Tabs for content areas without "hits" are not shown.

Filter results by language, product and content type

  • Filter search results by Language, Product and Content type.
  • Reset single filter by clicking "x".
  • Reset all filters by clicking "reset filters" or entering a new search phrase.

Deeper insights into the product filter

The search filter Product reflects the distribution of the search "hits":

  • Facets with highest number of (hits) are on top.
  • There are 24 slots available.
  • Only the top 24 facets are shown.
  • The listing is dynamic and may change.

Note: It is not a navigation or a complete product list.

Sort the search result

Sort search result by:

  • relevance: highest "score" first (default)
  • date: oldest-newest (ascending) or newest-oldest (descending)
  • name: A-Z or Z-A