Lenze Apps.

Lenze apps

Lenze offers apps for different tasks: From the parameterization of the Lenze Smart Motor and Inverter i500 to the drive-technology formulary.



SMART Keypad App

Lenze Smart Keypad app

This app allows you to diagnose and parameterize an Inverter i500. A WLAN module on the inverter is required for communication.

Supported views and functions:

  • Device list (connected and simulatable devices)

    • Optical device identifcation

  • Diagnostic list (overview and logbook)

    • Error reset

  • Parameter list (structured and sorted)

    • Search for parameter
    • Setting of parameter value
    • Saving of parameter set
    • Inverter enable
    • Inverter inhibit





SMART Motor App

Lenze Smart Motor app

This app allows the parameterization of the Lenze Smart Motor with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.

The Lenze Smart Motor reduces the number of different drive versions by up to 70%. This motor works without contactor or starter, fixed speeds can be set at will and there are many integrated functions for material handling applications.

Free available app functions:

  • Read parameter set from Lenze Smart Motor
  • View and edit parameter set
  • View information and diagnostic data
  • Write parameter set in a Lenze Smart Motor
  • Reset parameter set to factory settings
  • Load and save parameter set in files



SMART Formulas App

Lenze Smart Formulas app

This app serves to always have the formula required for the calculation of drive solutions quickly at hand. The formula work relating to drive solutions supports engineers, students and people interested in technology in theory and practice.



SMART Device Status app

SMART Device Status app

This app enables the user to interpret the status of a Lenze i500 inverter using its LED. In addition, the app makes it easier to set or interpret rotary or DIP switches and to analyze error numbers displayed on the inverter's hardware keypad.