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SPS Connect as an additional meeting point - discover Digital Engineering from Lenze

SPS Connect, the virtual platform of the international trade fair SPS, is the digital industry meeting point for the international automation industry. In addition to an attractive program of lectures with our experts on relevant topics such as Digital Twin and Condition Monitoring, the platform enables a direct exchange between us as topic partners and the participants in live chats or video calls.

Take the path towards digital transformation also in the design and development of machines. We make automation as simple and efficient as possible and already offer you a continuous tool chain for your entire engineering process. With consistent solutions, clear interfaces and the use of standards.You can look forward to an exciting exchange of ideas between top-class experts from the industry.

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Preparations for SPS Connect 2020 are in progress

This year everything is different!

And we too have set ourselves the goal of making the latest trends and innovations available digitally to our numerous visitors. This means that we have gone to great lengths to bring together the know-how of our technical experts and to enable an exchange of ideas in an exciting program of lectures and roundtables on relevant topics rich in discussion.

The preparations for our video formats, video calls and live chats are in full swing and we are looking forward to three interesting days at the fair - this time completely digital!

Day 1

Presentation Technology Stage - On the way to industry 4.0 with the digital twin

Patrick Bruder, Business Development Manager Automation at Lenze, will speak today at the Technology Stage about how the digital twin really makes Industry 4.0 possible and how machine builders can use the digital twin to their advantage.

"The digital twin - the administrative shell - is the backbone for Industry 4.0 and digitization. As a single point of information, it accompanies components and machines through their entire life cycle. Openness, standards and connectivity form the basis for this. Starting with engineering, through documentation, simulation/virtual commissioning, condition monitoring, maintenance/troubleshooting or even asset management - the digital twin is always in the background".

- Patrick Bruder für Lenze



Roundtable - Condition Monitoring – today and in the future

Our expert Klaas Nebuhr, Head of Digital Portfolie of Lenze.Digital, will discuss the challenges of condition monitoring with experts from REWE, Beumer at today's roundtable and bring together different perspectives along the supply chain.

"Collecting and interpreting available data is already a solid way to monitor the condition of machines. However, a deep understanding of machines and processes is required to generate meaningful information from "naked" data. This knowledge is already available to OEMs who, on the one hand, know their machines and, on the other hand, understand the processes of the users. Analyses based on machine learning and artificial intelligence can therefore help to detect anomalies more quickly and thus increase the availability of machines and systems".

- Klaas Nebuhr for Lenze.Digital

Day 2

Roundtable - Digital Twin in practice

In today's roundtable on the subject of "The digital twin in practice", experts from HEGLA New Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Festo SE & Co. KG and other companies discuss that the manufacturer-independent exchange of information is already feasible today. Lenze's Senior Vice President Automation Systems, Burkhard Balz, and Global Expert Engineering and Automation/Innovation, Markus Kiele-Dunsche, will be among the participants.

"The Digital Twin approach enables our customers to have highly available, networked and simple data management for the life cycle of their products. By obtaining digital twins of components from their suppliers, they can make all information, tools and services available and maintainable in their own environments with just one click. If this twin is then also standardized, it can use the same mechanisms across manufacturers. In conjunction with open source projects, the standardization that we all need for digitization can then be developed together in an agile way."

 - Markus Kiele-Dunsche for Lenze.

Day 3

Main Stage: On the way to the DC factory - the open industrial DC grid for production

In today's presentation by Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding, Scientific Director DC-Industry, the manufacturer-independent industrial direct current (DC) grid of DC-INDUSTRIE is presented as a solution for the upcoming challenges of industrial energy supply.

"Well-known manufacturers of electrical engineering as well as users from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries want to use DC-INDUSTRIE to prepare the way for the DC factory in which all energy is exchanged via a DC grid. This means that industrial production can be made more energy-efficient and flexible across all industries by using direct current. DC-Industry provides a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent system for industrial power supply in production that is open to the market, designed to be future-proof and based on current technologies."

  - Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding

Modern machine vizualisation by Lenze

"A well-designed machine visualisation means much more than an aesthetic surface. The goal is intuitive operation of the machine so that errors can be diagnosed and corrected more quickly. A good HMI therefore leads to less downtime and thus increases productivity. Lenze's visualisation solution consists of the following components:

  • The FAST UI Runtime, which is available on our c5x0 controller series if required, offers future and investment security through its openness to the panel hardware used.

  • The EASY UI Designer software is our tool for parameterising visualisations. This approach offers flexibility and saves resources, as no web development skills are required. User-friendly templates and control elements are already preconfigured and can be easily customised.

  • As a modern and high-quality touch panel, our v450 series devices perfectly round off the visualisation solution. They are available in 7", 10" and 15".

Lenze also has the central user groups of the visualisation in mind here - on the one hand the machine operator, who can perform his tasks better with a good HMI, and on the other hand the project engineer at the OEM, who simply wants to implement his customer-specific style."

- Julia Jürgens for Lenze

Lenze Automation Platform

Individualization, digitalization and resource gaps characterize the market environment in the mechanical engineering industry. Future-proof system solutions for your machine or plant can help you master these challenges and secure your long-term competitive advantages.

"We successfully support machine manufacturers in the development of future-oriented machine concepts. The Lenze automation platform with scalable hardware "integrated and open" in combination with our field-proven modular software toolbox FAST "efficient software engineering" and the networking of digital solutions "IIOT Brainware." helps us to do this."

- Daniel Lindemann for Lenze

Videogalery SPS Connect 2020

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