Lenze Polska Sp. z o.o. (former Rotiw Sp. z o.o.) is the official Lenze sales representative in Poland.

Our headquarter is localized in Katowice. We have also field offices in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Legnica, Mielec and Toruń.

Lenze in Poland

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Lenze Polska Sp. z o.o. (former Rotiw Sp. z o.o.) was founded in 1995 in Katowice. The company is the official Lenze sales representative in Poland.

Since 2011 the headquarter is localized in a new buliding. Internal sales department, parts of the external sales force, electronical and mechanical service, training facilities, application department, administration and logistics are located on a surface of 1,000 square metres.

There are 44 people working for Lenze Polska sp. z o.o. Most of them they are drives engineers forming a sales depertment with 17 people. They are supported by application and service department with 9 professionals. The remaining persons belong to the administration and logistics department.

Our headquarter is localized in Katowice. We have also field offices in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Legnica, Mielec and Toruń (with sales, application and service teams). In general Poland is served by the German logistics center. Nevertheless we have also a local stock (with 500 square metres) to serve local small and medium sized customers.

We also offer theoretical and practical trainings in our in Katowice and Toruń.


Lenze is represented in Poland by Lenze Poland Sp. o o.o. based in Katowice.

Tobiasz Witor
Chairman of the board

Our history


Change in the company's Management Board. Tobiasz Witor becomes the new President of the Management Board.

New headquarters (at the old address). Currently in Katowice we have 1,000 sqm of office space, electronic and mechanical services, meeting conference and training magazine.

On 26.03.2009 the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of the company Lenze-Rotiw Sp. of o.o. resolution on a merger with the company Lenze Automation Systems Sp. of o.o. with effect from 01.05.2009. After the merger, the Company will operate under the name Lenze Poland Sp. of o.o.

Lenze-Rotiw Sp. of o.o. enter the Belarusian market. Trading partner Logoprom company is based in Minsk.

Formed regional sales offices in Grodzisk, Mielec, Legnica.

Lenze-Rotiw Sp. of o.o. acquires 100% stake in Lenze Automation Systems Sp. of o.o. For Lenze working in Poland for over 100 people!

Lenze-Rotiw Sp. of o.o. assumed office in Kaunas. UAB created Lenze that his action also includes the territory of Latvia.

Lenze AV acquires 51% stake in Rotiw Sp. of o.o. Lenze-formed Rotiw Sp. of o.o.

The company Lenze Lenze AG called Tarnów Sp. of o.o. based in Tarnow. Main activities include processing of cast iron, aluminum and mounting gearmotors. Lenze Lenze assumes AV Automation Systems Sp. of o.o. in Torun. The activities focused on the assembly of control cabinets and propulsion applications.

1995 - 1999
Formed Rotiw Sp. of o.o. based in Katowice. The company is an official Lenze sales representative  on Polish territory.

1990 - 1995
The beginnings of the Lenze. Lenze partner in Poland is a Polish-Austrian joint venture Trend Ltd.


We are cooperating with 15 Universities of Technology in Poland. Our engineers periodicly gives lectures for the students. We are organizing Road Shows for students and university employees to promote Lenze among engineers.


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ul. Północna 32
44-335 Jastrzębie Zdrój
+48 (032) 475 15 15
+48 (032) 475 17 83

Lenze Performance Partner System Integration


Firma zajmuje się wsparciem utrzymania ruchu, retrofitami - modernizacją starych układów sterowania, budową nowych maszyn przemysłowych.

ul.Sczanieckie 15/35
93-342 Łódź


PROLOGIC Sp. z o.o.

Firma oferuje kompleksowe usługi związane z projektowaniem, tworzeniem oprogramowania, kompletacją dostaw, montażem i uruchomieniem przemysłowych systemów sterowania, automatyki i nadzoru technicznego.

Oferowane nowoczesne układy sterowania wykorzystują sterowniki przemysłowe, systemy sterowania napędami, komputerowe stanowiska operatorskie zapewniające pełny wgląd w prowadzony proces technologiczny oraz archiwizowanie parametrów procesu.

PROLOGIC Sp. z o.o.
ul. Azotowa 11
41-503 Chorzów, Poland
(032) 249-78-89
(032) 249-75-83
(032) 249-66-15

MECAD Sp. z o.o.

Firma zajmuje się.

  • Projektowaniem i budową maszyn, urządzeń oraz kompletnych linii produkcyjnych.
  • Projektowaniem i wdrażaniem systemów kontroli, układów sterowania oraz systemów akwizycji danych.
  • Przenoszeniem maszyn i relokacją linii produkcyjnych.
  • Prowadzeniem i realizacją projektów pod klucz.
  • Wizualizacją i animacją maszyn oraz przyszłych rozwiązań.

MECAD Sp. z o.o.
ul. Walecznych 10
64-920 Piła, Polska


Firma prowadzi działalność w zakresie:

  • Serwisu elektroniki przemysłowej - 24h
  • Programowania sterowników PLC
  • Modernizacji maszyn i urządzeń przemysłowych
  • Naprawy sterowania w przemyśle
  • Systemów zbierania danych o pracy maszyn i archiwizacja
  • Systemów zarządzania pracą linii przemysłowych
  • Budową i oprogramowaniem maszyn przemysłowych

Krzysztof i Sławomir Kiszka
Ul. Produkcyjna 11
43-300 Bielsko-Biała