IoT made easy

Controlling is sometimes quite easy – in machine automation, the cloud-based Remote Service Platform x4 shows how it works.

With this platform, machine and plant monitoring can be brought into a cloud environment without specific IoT knowledge. It allows access from anywhere with Internet enabled devices. Functions such as data dashboards and alarm functions are available, e. g. with powerful condition monitoring services.

Using the Remote Service Platform is very easy via the available IoT Gateways x510, x520, x530 and x540. This allows the online connection to be made in accordance with the existing firewall.


  • Gateway via LAN, WiFi or 4G for easy integration into the system periphery
  • Connect your machine to the cloud within just a few minutes
  • Create your personalized dashboards
  • Data controlling in the cloud ensures secure information, e .g. through two-factor authentication

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Produktová podpora

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