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SPS Connect 2020.

We accompany you on the way to the Smart Factory.

SPS Connect was a special place to meet this year.

We took advantage of the opportunities offered by this virtual industry meeting place and were present as topic partners at roundtables and lectures.

​Exciting exchange of top-class experts!

Whether machine builder, end user or technology supplier: At our roundtables we brought together different perspectives along the supply chain - from research and industry. The experts from the industry have exchanged views on concrete approaches to solutions and provide a real insight into practice!

Condition monitoring of machines in practice 

Collecting and interpreting available data is already a solid way to monitor the condition of machines. However, to generate meaningful information from "naked" data, a deep understanding of machines and processes is required. Analyses based on machine learning and artificial intelligence can help to detect anomalies faster and thus increase the availability of machines and systems. At this roundtable we bring together different perspectives along the supply chain. Experts from REWE, Beumer and Lenze will exchange views on the challenges of condition monitoring and provide real practical insights into different approaches to solutions.

Your Experts

Christopher Kirsch
BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG
Team Lead BG.evolution

Stefan Freudenthaler
REWE Group
Head of Automation Technology
Digital Automation

Klaas Nebuhr
Head of Digital Portfolio Lenze
Member of the executive board
encoway GmbH

Digital twin in practice

How close are we to the Industry 4.0 vision? Which application scenarios will be implemented first? How can I as a mechanical engineer start today? And how can I best tackle this? At this roundtable we bring together the perspectives from research and industry. Experts from Hegla, Festo, Lenze and Phoenix Contact will exchange views on the challenges of the digital twin concept and discuss how a manufacturer-independent exchange of information is already feasible today. A look at actual practice will show: What added value can the digital twin offer me and what technologies and standards are available.

Your experts

Dr. Markus Schoisswohl
Geschäftsführer (CEO)
HEGLA New Technology GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Michael Hoffmeister
Executive Expert Digital Business
Festo SE & Co. KG

Andreas Orzelski
Master Specialist Standardization

Burkhard Balz
Senior Vice President Automation Systems
Lenze SE

Markus Kiele-Dunsche
Global Expert Engineering and Automation/Innovation
Lenze SE

Comprehensive presentations on Industry 4.0 and the DC factory of tomorrow!

​Find out about concrete opportunities and prospects for the challenging topics in mechanical engineering and factory automation.



Presentation Technology Stage
On the way to Industry 4.0 with the digital twin.

Industry 4.0 is only really made possible by the digital twin. The digital twin - also known as Asset Administration Shell - is a digital representation of a physical device and contains all relevant data. This includes, for example, descriptions of the mechanical-electrical properties, documentation and certificates, software and behavioral models. This information pool serves as the basis for applications in the context of Industry 4.0 and must follow standards in order to enable cross-vendor collaboration and communication. This results in many questions for machine builders and end-users. What standards do I have to follow? And: What concrete steps can and must I take to remain competitive? Learn more in the presentation and look forward to a concrete example from the practic!​


Patrick Bruder​
Business Development ​Manager Automation atLenze




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Presentation Main Stage
On the way to DC factory – the open industrial DC grid for industrial plants​

Robotik, Functional Safety, Motion, DC-infrastructure
In the presentation, the manufacturer-independent industrial direct current grid (DC grid) from DC-INDUSTRY will be presented as a solution for the upcoming challenges of industrial energy supply. … ​

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The importance of DC-INDUSTRY results from the large number of well-known manufacturers of electrical engineering and users from the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors who support the open industrial direct current grid. With DC-INDUSTRY, this consortium wants to prepare the way for the DC factory, in which all energy is exchanged via a DC grid. This means that industrial production can be made more energy-efficient and flexible across all sectors using direct current. DC-INDUSTRY has designed a low-voltage DC grid to which all consumers, storage units and infeeds of a control cabinet, a machine, a production cell or an entire production hall are connected. It is a system with the necessary technical rules. The essential requirements for the devices and structural components used in the direct current grid (drive inverters, rectifiers, active infeed converters, switching elements, connectors, cables, auxiliary voltage supplies, DC / DC converters, battery storage systems, decentralized energy generators) have already been tested in systems. A grid management system is also included with which grid stability and grid controllability are achieved. With this, DC-INDUSTRY provides a comprehensive, manufacturer-independent system for industrial power supply in production that is open to the market, is future-proof and developed on the basis of state of the art technologies. The presentation gives an overview and highlights some of the sevaral aspects of DC-INDUSTRY. The facilities of the project are also presented. This is to show the audience that the technology is tangible.​


Prof. Dr. Holger Borcherding
Scientific Director DC Industry,
Member of the Board Institute for
Energy Research, ​ Professor at the
Technical University of East Westphalia


Watch the presentation on the SPS platform now​

Discover Digital Engineering from Lenze

Take the path of digital transformation in the design and development of machines as well. We make automation as simple and efficient as possible and already offer you a continuous tool chain for your entire engineering process. With end-to-end solutions, clear interfaces and the use of standards.

Our industry experts and specialists are personally at your disposal.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have individual consultations with our experts. Make an appointment now - at your premises or, if you wish, by phone or Skype. Let us use this opportunity to focus entirely on your tasks and challenges.

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Accelerating your process – Digital Engineering by Lenze

Efficient end-to-end processes – from the initial idea to the commissioning and operation of the machine

In the age of Industry 4.0, machine builders and producers are facing great challenges. Digital transformation depends on the closer linkage of available data – not only during ongoing production, but already during the development of machines and systems. Digital Engineering von Lenze provides options and tools available for this that can be advantageously integrated into existing processes.

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Accelerating your process – selected mechatronic solutions from Lenze​ ​

Mechatronic products and solutions are the important basis of every machine and automation project.​ ​

Thanks to open standards and interfaces, Lenze products ensure excellent interaction of the machine and machine modules beyond their system boundaries.​ ​

Here you will find examples of new highlights from the world of mechatronic drive solutions that will enable you to design your tasks and processes to be efficient right from the start.

Asset Administration Shell

Heading towards Industry 4.0

The Asset Administration Shell (AAS) is not just a theoretical concept, but a genuine support in industrial automation.

  • The AAS collects the relevant data for each asset, e.g. descriptions of the mechanical-electrical properties, documentation and certificates, software, behavioral description
  • This information pool serves as a basis for applications within the framework of Industry 4.0 and must follow standards
  • There is no Industry 4.0 without AAS! The consistent use of data is made possible by using Lenze EASY System Designer

Condition Monitoring

Delivers real-time condition monitoring

Collecting and interpreting the available data is already a sound way of monitoring the condition of machines. This requires a deeper understanding of the machines and processes so as to generate meaningful information from the "bare" data. Analyses based on Machine Learning (ML) and AI can help identify anomalies faster.

  • Model-based or data-based? There are two options for optimal results
  • Here the data is evaluated
  • Without additional sensor technology! When the drive becomes a sensor, you can obtain extensive information about the "state of health" of machines and plants without the need for any additional, costly sensor technology

Lenze Automation Platform

The right system solution for any machine

Individualization, digitalization and resource gaps characterize the market environment in the mechanical engineering sector. Future-proof system solutions for your machine or plant can assist you to master these challenges and secure your competitive advantages in the long term.

  • Scalability supports modular machine concepts and represents a sound investment.
  • Connectivity makes machine integration easy
  • Reusable software modules reduce the time and effort spent on development
  • Openness creates flexibility and greater leeway for decision-making
  • Integrated safety functions provide protection from accidents and interrupted production
  • IT meets OT: the new generation of controllers meets the increasing requirements of Industry 4.0

Modern machine visualisation

Quite simply with our web-based solution

Trends from the consumer market such as responsive design and gesture control are increasingly influencing machine visualisation. Technically driven developments were yesterday: Today's design philosophy focuses on user-friendliness.

For machine builders, this means implementing attractive and easy-to-use visualisation in their machines, enabling an optimal "user experience" and thus ensuring smooth human-machine interaction and safe operation.

Lenze supports the realisation of user-centred visualisation solutions with a future-proof web-based visualisation offer. The core elements are the consistent use of web-based client-server architectures, parameterisation of the displayed interfaces and a library of prepared visualisation elements designed according to usability principles.

How about a concrete example? Register for the Lenze Live Webcast: Machine visualisation in practice: Brink & Lenze

Asset Management

Creating a detailed digital record of devices and components and managing them digitally – the basis for the sustainably secure operation of machines and system

The avoidance of unplanned machine downtimes and production losses is a critical point in order to counteract ever increasing cost pressure. Data on the installed equipment base can contribute to overall cost reduction.

  • ​ Fast and easy access to information relevant for service
  • Fewer processing errors thanks to a standardised database
  • Faster identification and elimination of faults
  • Secure backup of the machine configuration and firmware
  • Faster replacement of defective devices
  • Stocking of spare parts according to specific needs
  • Increased OEE and reduced process costs in service

Decentralized inverter of the i500 series​

With standard IO-Link

​ With its high IP 66 and NEMA 4X outdoor protection rating, i550 protec is well equipped for demanding applications. Whether dusty or wet, it can handle it all with ease. Its housing provides excellent protection for the technology inside.

​​ ​ ​The i500 series decentralized inverter has the same DNA as the control cabinet inverter, and identical features such as modularity, scalability, compact design and good usability make it easy and intuitive to use.

​​ ​ ​It is the first decentralized inverter on the market with standard IO-Link, thus facilitating series commissioning.​​ ​

The i550 protec is available from 0.37 to 22 kW. (expansion to 75kW planned).​

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Conveying technology that pays off​

A solution with the Lenze Smart Motor 

Bring your horizontal conveyor technology up to date with the Lenze Smart motor and replace the contactor and worm gear.

​The Smart Conveyors Calculator shows you how this pays off in just a few steps. The calculation quickly makes it transparent how you can save on engineering effort, cables, control cabinet space and many other points and how much you can save. ​​

In our experience, the savings are usually several thousand euros per project! ​ ​

Are you curious? ​
Then you can already estimate your possible savings. 

Ecodesign Directive for a Green Europe​​​

We have answers to your questions and the right product

The countdown to the introduction of the new Ecodesign Directive is running. If you sell machines with electric motors within Europe, they must meet the higher energy efficiency requirements from July 1, 2021. This offers you the opportunity to optimize the energy balance of your machine in the long term.​​ ​

With our know-how and the new energy-efficient m550 motors, we can provide you with the best possible support for the individual requirements of your conversion! ​

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Visitors will benefit from the exchange with international colleagues, experts and solution providers in real time, regardless of where they are located, as well as an exciting and varied programme of lectures with top-class speakers and expert panels on the trend topics of automation.

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