SISTEMA-library for Lenze components

How can Lenze components be integrated as quickly and easily as possible into the SISTEMA software tool of the IFA (German Institute for Occupational Health and Safety) which can be used to easily show the achieved performance level (PL) in a machine according to EN ISO 13849-1?


Use the attached SISTEMA-library. In this way, you need not enter the safety characteristics manually.

The user must ensure that the latest library version is used.
The latest library version is available for download in the Application Knowledge Base.

Important note:
This library is not binding and does not claim to be complete regarding configuration and equipment and any other eventualities. The library is only intended to provide support for typical applications.
The user himself is responsible for ensuring that the described products are correctly used.
The library does not relieve the user of the responsibility in safely and professionally using, installing, operating, and servicing equipment.
When using the SISTEMA library, the user recognizes that Lenze cannot be made liable for any damage that may occur.
The documentation for all components used must be observed.
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