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As a result of Industry 4.0, the ability to cooperate is increasingly becoming a new and important core competence. This is because Industry 4.0 involves many new facets and possibilities that are coming from outside the traditional world of machine-building, and they offer opportunities for a new wave of innovations. Together, we can successfully master the challenges that are arising from these developments.

We have been a technology partner for machine builders for 69 years. Our open and intensive way of cooperating enables us to create the right intelligent automation solutions to meet the needs and demands of our customers from different industries.

Discover with us the many different ways of solving your tasks:

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By the way: if you want to know why cooperative competence is the fuel for Industry 4.0, read about it here!

Safety throughout the system

Safety throughout the system

The new Safety Controller c250-S from Lenze clears the way for projecting the entire drive, control and safety technology all as one piece. It means all of the machine's safety needs can be programmed with just one engineering tool based on PLC open standard. The deep integration of the functional safety into the automation system makes the engineering easier, improves the diagnosis procedures, and reduces the number of interfaces and components.

Benefits for you:

  • reduced need for wiring
  • uniform engineering throughout
  • optimal interplay between the "yellow" and "grey" control technology.

This saves you time and money, and it ultimately increases the availability of your machine.

Flexibility through modular machine concepts

Flexibility through modular machine concepts

Modularisation is an effective way of reducing engineering times in the development of flexible machines. Standardised modules can easily be used again, test times and error rates are reduced, and there is more time left for you to work on the special machine features that are important for your customers.

This is how we make it easier for you to modularise your machine:

  • Our Lenze FAST Application Software Toolbox enables you to easily develop and structure a modular machine control.
  • The individual machine modules can be optimally equipped with finely scalable drive and control technology from our programme of modules.
  • Open, manufacturer-independent standards and modern communication interfaces ensure that the vertical and horizontal interplay is synchronised.
  • The "Optional Participants" function allows you the option of adding or removing modules and bus participants.

This is the way to create machinery, electronics and software all as one piece, and to significantly reduce your time to market.

Lenze’s Smart Products keep the world – and your materials-handling application – moving.

Lenze’s Smart Products keep the world – and your materials-handling application – moving.

Lenze supports a large amount of interplay between the machine and the machine modules by using open standards and interfaces that go beyond normal system boundaries.

With our Lenze Smart Products you can profit from proven drive solutions for horizontal conveyors, tried and tested a thousand times over, enabling you to reach your goals even faster and even more reliably:

  1. Choose a conveying system
  2. Choose your installation version
  3. Choose your payload
  4. Choose your Lenze Smart Product
    … and that’s it!

Use the ready-made modules that are exactly tailor-made for your tasks – they are delivered quickly, they are future-proof, and they are easy to integrate.

Three devices that achieve perfect interplay: Inverter i500, Panel Controller p300, and MF Motor.

Less means more

Three devices that achieve perfect interplay: Inverter i500, Panel Controller p300, and MF Motor.

Together they form an easy-to-implement space-saving automation solution.

  • For basic machine tasks or individual machine modules.
  • Commissioning, operation and maintenance can be done easily, quicklyy, and error-free by using the PLC Designer parameterisation tool, either on site or via Remore Support.
  • VisiWinNET takes care of the visualisation, ensuring good interaction wwith the machine user.

You can flexibly retool your machine for a new task even during operation: simply store the new parameters in the control, or transfer the changeover data from a USB flash drive.

Experience an eaasy-to-implement automation solution with especially user-friendly operation.

Reliable uninterrupted operation, 24 hours a day

Reliable uninterrupted operation, 24 hours a day

Reliability is also the primary virtue when it comes to our intelligent service concepts. With our service modules, our experts can predictively ensure that your systems keep operating. And in an emergency we react immediately.

By using modern communication technologies in Remote Support we can analyse an error online and rectify the fault, for example by using

  • Smart glasses: problems or faults can be transmitted, analysed, documented, and then solved or corrected by using a "live picture".
  • Barcode scan: by scanning the nameplate we can gain immediate access to the relevant product data and provide you with fast support.

Profit from a machine with high availability and long, secure running times.

Security-Lösung für den sicheren Datentransfer

Security solution for the secure transfer of data

A key prerequisite for the success of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory is the secure data connection between the machine and the cloud. The data must be protected against misuse and made available for use in improving machine processes.

Lenze's markt-tested complete solution with integrated high security ...

  • ... facilitates the secure connection with the cloud and the secure exchange of data from the machine to the cloud and back again
  • ... makes it possible to securely store and analyse all data...
  • ... and then to prepare the data for services such as Predictive Maintenance.

Together we can use "big data" to put Industry 4.0 into practice, successfully.

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