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Lenze Juggler

Lenze EASY Machine 2

Lenze EASY Machine

The Lenze EASY Machine demonstrates an Automation System with central (Controller-based) and decentral motion ontrol (Drive-based).

Lenze FAST Application Software

Up to 80% of software engineering requirements are covered by Lenze's FAST (Feasibly Applicable Software Toolbox).





Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Car manufacturers must be able to rely on dependable materials handling technology, exact positioning systems, quick handling systems and different robot applications - from the press shop and body shop right through final assembly.



Solutions for the consumer goods industry

Lenze offers the most modern automation and motion technology for the consumer goods industry – based on the 3 standards of cost awareness, maximum quality and flexibility.



Solutions for airports

Baggage handling at the airport places stringent demands on conveyor systems.



Solutions for postal and parcel

If your goal is to send parcels and letters quickly and efficiently, what you need is a powerful parcel centre.



Solutions for logistics centres

In our many years of experience in materials handling technology, working on countless projects and collaborating closely with our customers, not to mention our talks with those in the know, we are very familiar with the latest developments in the field of automated warehousing.

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