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Between 28 and 30 November at Stand 360 in Hall 1.

Our newest solutions have enabled us to create a comprehensive automation platform, and this opens up a whole range of new possibilities for you. In future you can enjoy maximum flexibility with absolutely all applications.

  • You no longer have to decide in the planning phase whether to have a centralised or a decentralised machine control.
  • You will enjoy the freedom to create independent machine modules individually and to combine them.
  • You can expect an even more substantial reduction in your costs.
  • The bottom line is that there is far less engineering work for you to do.

Come and find out about the Lenze service concepts, too: for the sustainably safe and reliable operation of your machines and systems.

As you will see, we have moved another big step closer to the future of machine manufacturing. Come and meet the people at Lenze who make this and many other things possible.

We are looking forward to talking with you about these and other topics:



Boundless freedom: the boundaries between controller-based automation and drive-based automation are disappearing

Lenze is opening a new chapter in automation: our new Servo Inverter series i900 removes the boundaries between controller-based automation and drive-based automation. For you this means that in future you will be able to choose between a centralised or a decentralised automation topology or an intelligent mix of the two.

By introducing this new module in the automation platform we are making the software engineering easier: it will become irrelevant whether a servo inverter is integrated into the machine topology as a simple actuating drive, or as a parameterisable axis, or as a freely programmable axis.

Our comprehensive, future-proof portfolio covers the control level, the field level and the electromechanics, and it ensures that the data communication is standardised right up to the cloud level. It gives you solutions that enable you to meet all your requirements easily and efficiently with the greatest possible flexibility.

Your benefits:

  • Automation systems that are comprehensive and scalable
  • The same application software can be used in all the machine modules
  • Independent machine modules can be individually operated and freely combined
  • The old vision of machines with "plug & play" function units can now, for the first time, be realised without adapting a single line of software code.

Further information on the new Servo Inverter series i900



Virtual Reality (VR): mechanical engineering with the virtual twin

High-resolution virtual reality (VR) headsets are currently being used mainly to add a special kick to the experience of playing the new computer games that come onto the market every day. But Lenze has now turned these headsets into a powerful tool, putting the VR technology to very effective use in engineering and training. When VR extends to the engineering of machines and systems, though, it does not create a playful parallel world.

It has a real use: the digital twin makes it easier for the machine builder to understand and solve complex automation problems. Programmers and machine designers can use a digital twin to experience their applications in action.

You can try out the possibilities yourself at our stand, and you can experience Lenze FAST, our Application Software Toolbox, in the virtual world.



Industrial IoT solutions for Industrie 4.0

Remote maintenance, batch size 1, big data management, cloud, vertical and horizontal integration, digital twin, predictive maintenance... Come and find out about our digital solutions at the Hannover Messe, and let us get together to talk about them:

A market-tested complete solution with integrated high security for secure connectivity and secure data exchange from the machine to the cloud and back again. It enables you to safely store and analyse all your data and then to prepare the information for further use. We can already provide you today with ready-made software applications so that you can immediately start doing many things with your data - from remote maintenance, data monitoring and downtime tracking to condition monitoring, performance visualisation and predictive maintenance.

A concept study for a hardware-free direct connection between a servo inverter and cloud infrastructures, such as the Salesforce environment. Using an MQTT stack and a WiFi connection, the device's asset data, such as the software status or the configuration, are sent to the cloud infrastructure of our subsidiary company logicline, and from there they are transferred to a mobile device.

Experience the kind of service that will be available for your machine in the future: our proposals for digital asset management, which - thanks to a digital twin of your machine - will give you important help in using remote maintenance and also facilitate the intelligent planning of maintenance intervals.

On a demonstrator, experience how vertical integration makes batch size 1 possible.



Safety throughout the system

The new Safety Controller c250-S from Lenze clears the way for projecting the entire drive,
control and safety technology all as one piece. It means all of the machine's safety needs can be programmed with just one engineering tool based on PLC open standard. The deep integration of the functional safety into the automation system makes the engineering easier, improves the diagnosis procedures, and reduces the number of interfaces and components.

Benefits for you:

  • reduced need for wiring
  • uniform engineering throughout
  • optimal interplay between the "yellow" and "grey" control technology.

This saves you time and money, and it ultimately increases the availability of your machine.



Digitale Services: sustainably safe and reliable 24/7 operation

We offer you the chance to enjoy not only maximum flexibility in the operation of your machines but also a high level of safety and reliability. In our service modules, our specialists work with foresight to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your system. Intelligent cloud solutions can also play an important part in this.

The benefits of our solution:

  • All the important data are stored in encrypted form (and thus protected from misuse), and
  • they can contribute to direct self-help in many different ways.
  • When required, experts can access the machine-related information easily and quickly and then provide remote support.
  • This means that a technician is no longer needed on site in 80% of service situations.

1. Take an inventory of the machine with Asset Management

Create the basis for uninterrupted operation and improved remote services.

  • By taking an inventory of the entire machine, all the relevant machine components (also known as assets) can be recorded in the Lenze Asset Management software on site, with their serial number, device identification, installation position and functional area.
  • Afterwards, this database is enhanced with the relevant asset information, such as delivery times or availability, maintenance intervals, the lifecycle of the components, and documents such as instruction manuals, to name just a few examples.
    All this asset information is attached to the digital twin - the basis for our service packages.
  • The digital twin of your machine makes it possible to provide important help in the context of remote maintenance and in the intelligent planning of maintenance intervals. This increases the availability of your machine.

2. In an emergency we react immediately - with our digital service modules

We can quickly carry out an error analysis and rectify a fault by using modern communication technologies in remote support.

For example:

  • Scanning and sending the machine's nameplate via a smartphone will trigger a service ticket, and then we have direct access to the relevant product data and can provide fast support.
  • Smart devices and the Lenze Service App can use the Live Picture function to send images of the problem or fault from anywhere, and then the problem or fault can be analysed, documented and rectified.
  • New orders or replacement orders are fast and easy thanks to the instantly accessible information.
  • Machine monitoring, visualisation of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data, and systematic display of the maintenance cycles for the installed components.
  • Linking and visualising the alarm functions for the machine and the installed components.



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