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Convince yourself of our ingredients that can spice up your machines to the best possible effect:

For mechanical engineers

  • 70 years experience with many references
  • Open and scalable automation platform with state-of-the-art engineering tools
  • Use of standards such as OMAC / PackML and the Application Software Toolbox Lenze FAST, which increase the modularity and reusability of your software concept
  • Complete solution that has proven itself on the market for the reliable acquisition, analysis and storage of a machine's operating data in the Cloud – A possible nuclear constituent of your future digital business possible
  • Solutions that give you more freedom to develop the special features of your machine

For end users

  • 70 years experience with many references
  • Solutions for the creation of modular machines, based on OMAC standards, e.g. for cost-effective linear integration
  • Easy commissioning and operator control of your machine
  • Proven and complete service concept for ensuring the long-term and optimised availability of your machines
  • Complete solution that has proven itself on the market for the reliable acquisition, analysis and storage of a machine's operating data in the Cloud



Decentralised or centralised control topology.

Machine builders have so far had to make compromises when they engineer machines or systems with a modular structure: they have had to control multiple modules with a centralised control. In many cases this means that the solution created for a specific task is not the best one.

But it also necessitates the use of something that has significant disadvantages: complex software structures that are difficult to use and difficult to service.

This drawback has now been eliminated by Lenze’s automation platform: by extending the automation system to include a new servo drive with an integrated control, Lenze can from now on offer a uniform set of scalable solutions, suitable for everything from the smallest machine module with only one movement axis all the way up to complex multi-axis systems. The OEM can now react completely flexibly to any application scenario, using very easy-to-handle technology and without having to switch systems.

Benefits for you:

  • uniformity and scalability in the automation systems
  • the same application software can be used in all the machine modules
  • self-sufficient machine modules can be individually operated and freely combined
  • the old vision of machines with "plug & play" function units can now, for the first time, be realised without adapting a single line of software code.



VR: Mechanical engineering with the virtual twin

High-resolution virtual reality (VR) headsets are currently being used mainly to add a special kick to the experience of playing the new computer games that come onto the market every day. But Lenze has now turned these headsets into a powerful tool, putting the VR technology to very effective use in engineering and training. When VR extends to the engineering of machines and systems, though, it does not create a playful parallel world.

It has a real use: the digital twin makes it easier for the machine builder to understand and solve complex automation problems. Programmers and machine designers can use a digital twin to experience their applications in action.

You can try out the possibilities yourself at our stand, and you can experience Lenze FAST, our Application Software Toolbox, in the virtual world.



Digital Services – our industrial IoT solutions for Industry 4.0

Remote maintenance, batch size 1, big data management, cloud, vertical and horizontal integration, digital twin, predictive maintenance...

Come and find out about our digital solutions, and let us get together to talk about them:

  • A market-tested complete solution with integrated high security for secure connectivity and secure data exchange from the machine to the cloud and back again. It enables you to safely store and analyse all your data and then to prepare the information for further use. We can already provide you today with ready-made software applications so that you can immediately start doing many things with your data – from remote maintenance, data monitoring and downtime tracking to condition monitoring, performance visualisation and predictive maintenance.
  • A concept study for a hardware-free direct connection between a servo inverter and cloud infrastructures, such as the Salesforce environment. Using an MQTT stack and a WiFi connection, the device’s asset data, such as the software status or the configuration, are sent to the cloud infrastructure of our subsidiary company logicline, and from there they are transferred to a mobile device.
  • Experience the kind of service that will be available for your machine in the future: our proposals for digital asset management, which – thanks to a digital twin of your machine – will give you important help in using remote maintenance and also facilitate the intelligent planning of maintenance intervals.



Safety throughout the system

The new Safety Controller c250-S from Lenze clears the way for projecting the entire drive,
control and safety technology all as one piece. It means all of the machine’s safety needs can be programmed with just one engineering tool based on PLC open standard. The deep integration of the functional safety into the automation system makes the engineering easier, improves the diagnosis procedures, and reduces the number of interfaces and components.

Benefits for you:

  • certified product
  • reduced need for wiring
  • uniform engineering throughout
  • optimal interplay between the "yellow" and "grey" control technology.

This saves you time and money, and it ultimately increases the availability of your machine.



Lenze’s Smart Products keep the world – and your materials-handling application – moving.

Lenze supports a large amount of interplay between the machine and the machine modules by using open standards and interfaces that go beyond normal system boundaries. With our Lenze Smart Products you can profit from proven drive solutions for horizontal conveyors, tried and tested a thousand times over.

Enabling you to reach your goals even faster and even more reliably:

  1. Choose a conveying system
  2. Choose your installation version
  3. Choose your payload

Choose your Lenze Smart Product and that’s it!

Use the ready-made modules that are exactly tailor-made for your tasks – they are delivered quickly, they are future-proof, and they are easy to integrate.



I 24 hours a day

Reliability is the primary virtue when it comes to our intelligent service concepts. With our service modules, our experts can predictively ensure that your systems keep operating. And in an emergency we react immediately.

By using modern communication technologies in Remote Support we can analyse an error online and rectify the fault, for example by using

  • Smart glasses: problems or faults can be transmitted, analysed, documented, and then solved or corrected by using a "live picture".
  • Barcode scan: by scanning the nameplate we can gain immediate access to the relevant product data and provide you with fast support.

Profit from a machine with high availability and long, secure running times.

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