Motivation for the motivated! Your bursary at Lenze.

A bursary at our company enables you to obtain further qualifications on a national or international level after finishing a degree. We provide support for up to 18 months for postgraduate study, project work, doctorates and post-doctoral qualifications. You use the many and varied options available and we supply the financial means to enable you to always concentrate on what really matters - your professional and personal future.

Here's where it all starts! The most important aspects of your application.

Please send your application together with the relevant documents to Petra Stein, your contact person at the Hans-Lenze-Stiftung Aerzen (Hans-Lenze Foundation in Aerzen). The application should include your certificates, a résumé / CV and a letter introducing yourself and your goals - after all, we are primarily interested in your personal development.

If you are shortlisted, we will invite you to come for an interview. The decision as to whether you will receive a scholarship will be taken by the directors of the foundation unbureaucratically and without delay. For the period of the bursary, we will of course remain in regular contact with you.

Do you have any questions?

Petra Stein has the answers! Please send your documents directly to: